These new ladies are like running on luxury.

I’m glad all that was left from the flash flood was this line in the grass and some mud, I was a little concerned I’d have some water to run through yesterday.

Nebraska weather sure makes it harder to run than Minnesota weather did.

Morning Runner - Day 1

I got out for 6 miles this morning before it got crazy hot. While the temp was a pleasant 72, it was still 97% humidity, so my pace was slower than I’d hoped for, but not too bad still. 

It’s now the afternoon and I’m sitting here going “gah, it’s so hot, I don’t want to run…I could reschedule it to …..wait, I already ran!!” That is such a good feeling. 

C went out for his first training run today, I went along for moral support. 3 hot and sweaty miles felt great.

Certified Running Coach & Training Plans

Earlier this month I went to Denver and spent two LONG days sitting in a chair getting my learn on in anticipation for my RRCA coach certification test. The good news? I PASSED!! I’ve never been so nervous and so proud of myself. I’ve always felt like I was never a “real” runner, which is dumb, because I run and I’m real.

Anywho, C wants to start training for a race again now that he’s on break from school and he asked me to put him together a 12 week half marathon plan. Heck yes! He complicated it a bit however by requesting that some of the days focused on lifting weights and not just running, but hey, why not. 

Needless to say, I’ve made the plan and I’m reviewing it with him tonight. I hope he likes it!

16 beautiful miles this morning followed by putting my feet up and watching the semifinals in State Soccer. Not a bad Saturday so far.

Also, I lost 3.6% of my body weight during my long run, totally within an acceptable range, it’s just the first time I’ve paid attention. Facts and numbers are extremely interesting.

I just got an email about REI’s annual Anniversary sale, it includes a couple Garmin devices as well as some other watches for those interested in taking that next step into owning a watch. 

My first watch was this Garmin 210, the reviews on it aren’t the best, but I rather enjoyed it for my first watch. 

That’s all :)

Fast paced life.

Last week I ran a total of 10(ish) miles. Not ideal.

I decided not to kick myself about it and take what I learned from my running coach training intensive and apply it to me…either the reduced stress (due to gained knowledge) or the rested legs lead to almost 5 miles at an 8:19 pace. I have never been that fast ever.

I’ll take the victory, tomorrow is an easy 4.

RRCA Coaching Certification intensive complete!

I learned so much, which I hope to share over the coming weeks. I’ll take my test next week and hopefully be certified soon there after!

After 8 hours in a chair, 5 miles at a mile high cleared me right up.